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  1. Litter invites more litter. Once litter has accumulated along a road or in a community, people are more likely to keep littering.
  2. Over 51 billion pieces of litter land on U. S. roadways each year. Most of it, 46.6 billion pieces, is less than four inches, according to  KAB’s National Visible Litter Survey and Litter Cost Study.  That’s 6,729 items per mile.
  3. Litter cleanup costs the U.S. almost $11.5 billion each year, with businesses paying $9.1 billion. Governments, schools and other organizations pick up the remainder.
  4. Community economy and quality of life suffer. The presence of litter in a community takes a toll on quality of life, property values, and housing prices.  The KAB 2009 National Visible Litter Survey and Litter Cost Study found that litter in a community decreases property values 7 percent.
  5. Litter has environmental consequences. Wind and weather, traffic, and animals move litter into gutters, lawns and landscaped areas, alleyways, and parking structures.  Debris may be carried by storm drains into local waterways, with potential for serious environmental contamination.
  6. The types of litter found most often include bottles, cans and fast food packaging, plastic shopping bags and cigarette butts.
  7. Eighty percent of our waterways are littered with trash that was dropped on land.
  8. Litter is not only morally wrong; it’s illegal in all 50 states. While every state may vary, punishment can include a fine as well as jail time for littering and illegal dumping.


* "Keep America Beautiful" stats

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